Architectural Control Guidelines

Each homeowner who plans an improvement to the exterior of the home or elsewhere on the property must obtain written approval prior to beginning work on the modification. Completion of work without prior approval could lead to a requirement to remove and restore the property to its original condition.

Remember: The goal of the ACC is to serve both you and the community by determining that your finished improvement will comply with the deed restrictions and enhance the value of your property.

To seek approval the owner must complete an application form and submit it to the ACC. The committee has 30 days to review the application and render a decision. The 30-day period begins on the date that a complete application has been received including all required documentation, not on the date the original application is signed by the owner.

ACC approval is required for any changes or additions, including items such as

  1. a swimming pool
  2. addition of or modification to fencing
  3. painting of the exterior of the home (even if the same color)
  4. addition of landscaping or removal of trees
  5. addition of a gazebo, fountain or large play equipment
  6. addition of a garage, garden house, outdoor kitchen or other structure

Approval is not required for plans to remodel, paint, or otherwise alter the interior of a home. The guidelines followed by the ACC in making its decisions are outlined in the deed restrictions and the Architectural Standards and Guidelines copies of which can be viewed or downloaded by going to the “Neghborhood Info” section on the sidebar or by clicking on the Deed Restriction & Architectural Standards and Guidelines link below.

You may download a copy of the application form below. There is also a one-page list of requirements that will tell you what specific type of information the ARC needs. A more informal list of things you can do to speed your application is also included below.

Online Application form
Application form
ARC Do’s and Don’ts
Deed Restriction & Architectural Standards and Guidelines