OOCIA has several volunteer committees that focus on particular areas of interest for the community and makes recommendations to the board for approval for the committee to implement. Current committees are outlined below. To express interest in joining any of these committees, please contact committee chairs and note the committee that you are interested in joining. If you have questions please direct them to the committee chair for review and/or consideration.

Beautification Committee

Susan Szota, Secretary
The Beautification committee is responsible for the beautification and maintenance of the community’s common areas and entrances.

Community Engagement Committee

Chatina De Rouselle
Our Community Engagement Committee has been busy building teams of volunteers to organize events aimed at engaging our residents. The events are self supported and creatively funded without HOA funds. Each event is organized by volunteer residents enthusiastic to participate and ready to have some good neighborly fun.

Architectural Control Committee

Randy Darland, Vice President
The Architectural Control Committee is charged with reviewing all requests for construction, modifications, or improvements made to properties withing the community to ensure compliance with deed restrictions and established architectural guidelines.

Communications Committee

Susan Szota, Secretary
The Communications Committee keeps the community informed of activities and Association functions through the newsletter, the webpage, and various other forms of publicity.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee’s purpose is to research and study ways to enhance and broaden the current safety measures, to develop new safety programs to promote the security of our community members, and to demonstrate ways neighbors can help themselves and their neighbors be safer, including helping in organization of National Night Out.

Deputy Patrol Coordinator

The Board will appoint a person designated as the Deputy Patrol Coordinator. This position is the representative who will convey information, questions and requests between the contract Deputies and the Board, and conversely the Board and our contract Deputies. It is preferable this position be held by a Board member but may be held by any OOCIA homeowner. Randy Darland is the Interim Deputy Patrol Coordinator.

Deed Restriction Committee

Randy Darland, Vice President
The Deed Restriction Committee will undertake a comprehensive Deed Restriction investigation for the various Olde Oaks sections and Waterford Park with the goal of consistent, current and enforceable deed restriction standards.

Finance & Budget Committee

Deborah Plance, Treasurer
Patricia Ganer, President
Karen K. Abramski, CPA has been named Assistant to the Treasurer. She will be assisting in the gathering and review of financials and advising the board on fiscal decisions.

It is the Mission of The Finance Committee to provide guidance to the Board by promoting accurate financial reporting, a reliable budget process, and appropriate reserve balances. Guidance will focus on fiscal stability and ensure transparent disclosures to homeowners.

By-Laws Committee

Patricia Ganer, President
The Bylaws Committee was formed to bring together engaged residents to review all of the documents that have been written and enacted throughout the OOCIA history to compare them to the OOCIA Bylaws currently in effect for the purpose of determining whether amendments are necessary. The focus of the Committees attention will be to address protecting homeowners rights, setting appropriate limits of action for the board, determining and documenting spending limits for Board authorization, ensuring community involvement and input is sought and obtained prior to specific types of transactions involving significant expenditures.