The Harris County Mosquito Control District was created to control mosquitoes such as the Culex that spread malaria, encephalitis, and Dengue fever and now the new threat of West Nile Virus and Zika Virus. The Harris County Mosquito Control District’s mission is not to control pest mosquitoes that disrupt the nighttime and outdoor activities of people in the Houston area.

Cypress Creek Pest Control‘s fogging and Larvaciding programs are designed to CONTROL pest mosquitoes. In no way can any mosquito program totally eliminate mosquitoes. A mosquito control program can only keep the mosquito population in a specific area at an acceptable level. The board of OOCIA has contracted with Cypress Creek Pest Control to provide mosquito spraying at least weekly (frequency varies per contract season).

Cypress Creek Pest Control is the largest private Mosquito Control operator in Texas and is an active member of the Texas Mosquito Control Association and other industry organizations. For more information about Cypress Creek’s Mosquito Control, please call 281-469-2679 and speak to a Customer Service Representative.